About us

Your support helps us to continue supporting the Kaimanawa Horses

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses (KHH) is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, and is dedicated to the care and welfare of Kaimanawa horses both domestically and in the wild.

The goals of KHH are to support the Kaimanawa horses and their owners; retain a managed wild population; promote immunocontraception for population management; gain heritage status for the horses; and support the humane treatment of all Kaimanawa horses.

Our members and their domestic Kaimanawa horses are supported through the welfare team, area representatives, magazine, and breed register. KHH also uplifts and rehomes neglected and abandoned Kaimanawa horses.

Wild horses have been present in the central North Island since the 1870s, but the protection of the environment and welfare of the horses requires that their population be managed. The public outcry at a plan to shoot the horses in the 1990s resulted in the establishment of a mustering programme, with the next taking place in late Autumn 2014. In the most recent muster of 2012, homes were found for 119 of the 191 horses, with the remaining 72, many of which were suitable for rehoming, being sent to slaughter.

When the horses have been placed in suitable homes they have proven to be great all-round riding ponies. A Kaimanawa Horse won the prestigious Pony of the Year title at the NZ Horse of the Year show in 2012.

Anyone interested in taking a horse from the next muster should visit www.kaimanawaheritagehorses.org, and tax-deductible donations can also be made to allow the temporary homing of additional horses until permanent places can be found. Applications for membership to KHH can also be made on our website, and members receive the KHH magazine. Purchases made through our store will also benefit the horses.